In 1973 I was involved in a near-fatal riding accident that resulted in a changed worldview. I came out of the near death experience with the memory of being in a heavenly realm where I was shown a vision of a glorious world that appeared to be made out of living light. I could feel the living light. It was pure love. There are no words for the joy I felt. It wasn't long before my focus shifted back to my everyday reality but the joy I had experienced never left me, even though I now perceived the heavenly realm as being up there, light years away, whereas I was down here. That's when I received the download for my channeled book, Flight Manual.

I switched careers from commercial artist to channeled writer and started writing. At first I thought I was working on an illustrated children's book about Magic the fuzzy caterpillar who falls in love with Angel the butterfly so he embarks on a vision quest to locate the portal into Angel's world up there, in the sky. Ultimately Magic morphs into a butterfly and takes flight up there, in Angel's world without leaving the planet. The illustration that I envisioned pictured the beautiful garden of Eden where the story begins and ends. Upon introducing the Human to the story it wasn't always clear if the picture that came to mind was a memory of Paradise or a precognition of Heaven. Either way, the scene did not seem accessible in this life. I'll tell you a secret. The only way I could internalize the story was by juxtaposing my human character onto Magic the caterpillar who wraps himself in a silk shroud and dissolves into the field of infinite possibilities, whereupon it is a simple matter of navigating through the field until conditions are sufficient to rise and shine. “Your body will grow old and die, but your soul will take flight. In your new butterfly body you will carry on,” Magic's Higher Self whispers to his dreaming self.

Today, 47 years later....I recall the near-fatal riding accident that opened my mind to the story I feel called to tell. One minute we were galloping on the beach and the next minute I was among light beings in another dimension. One minute I was flying on an incredibly blessed high and the next minute I fell into my new story about the metamorphosis that awaits us all.

The story begins and ends in the hallowed and magical land where rebirth and resurrection represent a natural and effortless unfoldment of infinite Life. This is the living kingdom where every form of life thrives and the same energy that grows the trees and the flowers drives the human's creation. Humanity may or may not know that in addition to it's innate abilities it also has the wherewithal to create the illusory reality where the natural world is largely forgotten and believed to be accessed through a lost world, which natural Man recalls. For natural Man it is a simple matter of going within and using his/her inner vision to see the root of the social hanky-panky that is creating havoc in the outer world and threatening to sever the link between humanity and the divine intelligence that governs the universe. Once the link is restored and all that alienates humanity from the natural world is healed, it is a simple matter of using one's innate skills to circumvent the AI that seeks control over the field. Free at last, one simply goes with the natural flow, miraculous though it may be, until conditions are sufficient to rise and shine.


I'll tell you another secret. If I had to make the journey all over again, when it came time to make that leap of faith and it felt like the floor had been pulled out from under me, I would just keep reminding myself, hang on to your hat with all your heart and use your Flight Manual.